Rabbit Jumping UK


Rabbit hopping first started in Sweden, in the late 70's. In 1993, it was also started in Denmark. Rabbit hopping is also popular in Germany, and the USA. The early rules were based on the rules from horse jumping, but have changed over time to suit rabbits better. In 1995, the Swedish Federation of Rabbit Jumping was established.


The current record holders are both Danish rabbits:

Yabo - Long Jump - 300cm - 12th June 1999

Tosen - High Jump - 99.5cm - 28th June 1997


Rabbit Jumping can also be called Rabbit Hopping. Rabbit Agility is not the same as Jumping/Hopping as it uses different equipment, but they can easily be combined.


We believe the first UK Rabbit Jumping Competition was held in June 2009, but there may have been small competitions earlier. Sam Lawrie was supposedly one of the first people to publicise rabbit jumping over here in 2003, and a few articles can be found.

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